Friday, January 6, 2017

Comics, and Trades, and Graphic Novels! Oh my!

Dear Bloggers,
Wizard of Oz reference anyone?

Hey are you new? nice to meet you i'm Aj. You want to know about comics? Ok ill tell you. I'm going to assume since you are here that you are more interested in just the occasional read through of a graphic novel that you thought you would enjoy or was gifted to you. I feel like comics have been steadily on the come-back since Marvel and DC (ahem Disney/Sony have been cranking out super-hero movies with their characters, and im into it. However, personally I don't go for those. but this isn't about that. this is a introductory course!

Here I will be talking about three main types of distinctions in comics, Trade Paper backs, and graphic novels. Lets begin.
see how it has issue #1

Lets think of a comics as a part of a TV series. in a series they're are episodes and seasons that make up a series. a individual comic is like watching one episode. these are printing on magazine type paper and can easily be rolled up or stored. they are usually labeled #1, 2 ,3 etc.

Trade Paper Back (or Trades)
In this amazing TV series we have created, Trades are more like Seasons, or most like several episodes grouped together. Usually labeled Vol.1, 2 ,3 etc.

Graphic Novels
These are like movies. a stand alone story. Same type of binding a normal book may have or sometimes hardcover. Here are some good suggestions to get you going. Ill have my own later.

Its important to take all of this information with a grain of salt. the norm is not the standard. this can get really deep but those are the basics
see ya,