Monday, March 7, 2011

Entree lifestyle Go HARD!!!

Dear bloggers,
a few months ago i was browsing my fav urbanwear website Karmaloop i saw some real cute tees for women AND men with this label called Entree.
 I didnt pay to much attention to it untill i saw Bow Wows freestyle to 6foot 7foot on World Star (bow Wow go hard btw) what i liked was his "I'm Allergic to Bull Shit" hoodie.

Soooooo i looked it up and was reunited with the brand Entree. best of all; ITS AFFORDABLE

Alergic to BS hoodie $59

the deadtracks tee $28

fml beanie $24
girls "bighead" $23
missunderstood fleece $52


Entree Clothing from Evotek Media Group on Vimeo.

dont be asleep no more!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Music/Fashion:The Cooler Collective

Dear Bloggers,
My favorite combination music and fashion. i like alot of there T-shirts and I'm in Love with the phrase, "Yeezy Taught Me at the moment." Chris Rock was killin me with that Blame Game.

I pulled the history strait from the page:
"Fifty yards east of the 405 and 8 stories up, the members of The Cooler Collective gather each week. They roll around the office in their fancy pleather computer chairs finding inspiration wherever it lives. New product designs are posted all over the walls while lunch choices are debated. They discuss the good, the bad and the "WTF."

This collective of artists and designers gathers with one main goal - to bring you fresh designs and products.
Designed, printed & pressed by The Cooler Collective in our Los Angeles studio.
The Cooler Collective Est. 9.9.10"
got to the website  by clicking here.

yeezy taught me

Fresh Prince


just  few thing they have on there that i like.


Back to the Kan-Yeeazy.
this shit is soooo dope to me
Turnstyle T-shirts Label got the best Yeezy Taught me shirt

click here to purchase

I love all this, saddly tho these website dont have the selection i would like. Everything they do have is FRESH tho. Check It out!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CoCo's Cool Website: Hollywood is dead

dear bloggers,
due to my infatuation with Zombie culture i came across an either inspiring or disturbing site. Hollywood is Dead. Super dope, check it out. it takes iconic movie poster and adds a bit of a zombie twist to them.
i do not own this image

be sure to check out this website hollywood-is-dead.com

Monday, January 31, 2011

Akira Chicago presents… Le Voyeur

Dear Bloggers,

Oh My Gawd! i want to go to the akira fashion show, but unfortunately, i am under 21 (just 11 more months!) but however, should anyone wish to go on my behalf i will gladly pay the 4 the ticket. Here are my rquirements:
an apparent interest in fashion
great writing skills
knows some photography
read the link for more details of the event and check your availiability. to apply please email me:
Akira Chicago presents… Le Voyeur


Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year!

dear bloggers,
hey! hope everyone had a magnificent beginning to what hopefully will be the best year of your life!
Fashion=Life will be going through major changes this year, including the new opening photo (kudos to me took it myself) and many more discussion topics all for you blogging pleasure. Really the pleasure is all mine!
2011 is gonna be a BIG year but the plans i have for Fashion=Life are going to be even BIGGER! of course, as always...