Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fashion World: Style of the Middle East, Dubai

dear Bloggers,
when you think of the middle east( from a typical American perspective) you think of war, Islam, and terrorism, and countless other negative ideas. but I'm here to tell you there is much more to it than a few high danger countries. Dubai is always recognized as a city trying to gain tourism with its modern achitecture and designer cuisine and shopping centers.
Celebrating it 7th season dubai fashion week is bringing to life a vigorous bust of designers, this season presents more than 45 designers from around the world with 35 shows. It will introduce new international designers to the Dubai Fashion Week ramp as well as the budding talents from the ever popular Emerging Talent.TRUST ME The clothes are gorgeous and unexpected for what you would think of a typical Hijab and most designers didn't have the women wear them. YOU WILL BE PERFECTLY SURPRISED! check it out!
for more photos and information of the clothes worn and designers go to:

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