Wednesday, January 20, 2010

so i visited the culture center!!!

dear bloggers,
I don't know how many of you know that I was born and raised buddhist. so I frequently attend meetings for and organization called Soka Gakkai International aka SGI. were having a culture fesival in july IN Chicago so all the states in the midwest are preparing various performance groups to take part in this festival.we practice every 2nd and 4th sunday these events are a part of a bigger Goal called Rock The Era! kansas city had a performing group and so does chicago. i've been to the SGI center here in chicago, it is soo amazing! i brought me roomate and she loves it! we have decided to go to Rock the Era every sunday! there is lots of youth division(anyone aged 35 and under) and everyone is so excited and open about the festival! kristin and i went to the performing arts group for writers actors spoken word and MC's. i'm a writer myself but love acting too! its onna be fun!


Dear Bloggers,
man! did i think i could walk fast! as i walk down the streets day after day i ntice one thing in particular, everyone passes me! and ladies and gentlmen, i am NOT a slow walker! i always rilied on my super long legs to get me places but here it doesn't matter! i saw a women that was no taller than 5'5 pass me up on the street like it was nothing, oh well thats life

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

life is good!

dear bloggers,
OMG! my life rocks! i was walking back from class the chicago skyline passing over myt head and the glistening streets passing under my feet. i realized just how fortunate i am to be here. i'm out of my parents house, I mean hell, i'm outta kansas!!! that was a goal of mine since i was in junior high! and i'm so fortunate to be studying fashion, a huge passion of mine.
lovin life, smooches,

Saturday, January 9, 2010

millenium park

walkn around

my apartment view

me and my family, and the city view from our apartment.

exploration with my roomie kristin!

so this is my apartment pretty nice studio apartment with a view(it beter have a good view since were on the 47th floor!!!)

isn't it beautiful! this is the view i had for my first evening in chicago staying at the hilton hotel! and conveniently 15 stories down there happens to be the Illinois institute of art- chicago! Ahem My school!!! its a lake front view!
more spics coming soon,

free day!

dear bloggers,
today is my firs free day in chicago its also my first official day of independence! and by that i mean as of three o'clock my parents will no longer be in chicago o help me with my problems, buy me groceries, fix my internet, drive me somewhere when its too cold, etc...

so today i'm going to go and explore! (and take lots of photos) i'm super excited and super pumped!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010


dear followers,
so i went to orientation this morning, this school is serious, they offer many services that we can utilize and take advantage of. The purpose of the education is to make sure that when i graduate i can get the best job i can after graduation! the kit i got has lots of art supplies, I'm expecting a lot of drawing in my future i love it!
my classes are as follows:
  • design fundamentals; Monday and Wednesdays
  • intro to business; m/w
  • color theory; tue/thurs
  • math fundamentals 1; tue/thurs
  • foundation portfolio; mon

so for my general education classes they're only an hour and fifty minutes, but for my classes towered my major they are about 3 hours long.

the only down side i can think of is the fact that i have to go to two different campuses for my classes, and i they don't supply the books i need for my classes on campus.

I'm taking 17 credit hours which kinda scares me a little since my previous attempt to do 17 credit hours, failed miserably.

my quarter stats January 11Th and ends march 27h

then My second quarter starts April 5Th!

ttyl I'll have photos up soon



Tuesday, January 5, 2010

i made it! chi city!!!

hey blogger!
well after the best nine hour train ride of my life! i finally made it took Chicago! my parents and i put our combined 19 bags of luggage into our little KIA mini-van and we were off! they say its cold outside but i say rubbish! it feels just like Kansas. were right here at the holiday Inn 350 N, Orleans street! right along the river! and most conveniently the hotel is right on top of the Illinois Institute of art right where i happen to be going! I'm so excited, but the thought of leaving my parents is kinda sad cause even though they drive me crazy they're kinda cute sometimes and i love em. here's to a new life!