Tuesday, November 30, 2010

KarmaLoop Representative! get 25% ur first purchase!!!

Dear Bloggers,
hey y'all! hope u had an amazing thanks giving and black Friday! but the holiday shopping isn't done yet and man have i got a treat for you! Karmaloop is an urban clothing site with all the hottest brands. Urban concrete culture, this site is dope foreal tho. Alot of the clothes i recommend for lookalike style( like the Rhianna article) our clothes bought of Karmaloop.
use my promo code coco4fashion and you can receive 25% off your first purchase and an additional 10% off every purchase after that. this is not a test. check out the site! GO NOW!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Follow my blog with bloglovin

Follow my blog with bloglovin

website: Nasty Gal

dear bloggers,

Nasty Gal
just wanted to tell everyone my new favorite place to shop online. Vintage and new, affordable, sexy chic. Did I mention their Blog is adorably to die for! click this link to see and outfit i LOVE shown above! but when i say i love almost every piece of clothing i see on that website i mean it. What kinda girl shops at Nasty Gal? well, look and find out if it fits your style i know that they have a customer for life with me :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nerd Glasses: Tracing the Origin

Brad Pitt for V Magazine 2007
Dear  Blogger,
The Nerd has always been a iconic image in American culture. One of the  classic symbols of the nerd are the big thick framed take up the whole face prescription glasses. The once not- cool to wear glasses has shifted over the past half century and now its considered cool to be a nerd or geek. The underdog has come out on top in the new millennium!

Honestly if you haven't rocked the nerd glasses at least once; weather it be the 3D glasses from the movie theater (u know who u are...) or your own prescription glasses, this trend has been growing quite a following since around circa 2008 when we first starting seeing glasses take that new vintage look. The years before have prepared us for this moment. Revenge of the nerds? I think so...hmmmm

SO, the question is who started this trend or where did the evolution of nerd chic become cool?

of course none other than:
Marc Jacobs Photo: Patrick McMullan
Marc Jacobs started wearing these babies circa fall/ winter fashion week 2007. It would be almost a year later before anyone else with influence would wear this again.

Then there we're the early adopters In the early stages people did not like this look, but the brave and few who stuck with it stayed true and pulled through on top.
Jay Z Nov. 2008
Kanye West 2008

Justin Timberlake June 2009

I remember Justin Timberlake was the first none Hip-hop type I saw wearing the nerd glasses at the Met. gala. After that, the trend took off among all types of celebrity. the rest really is history. Now everyone

yes ladies! FOR US TOO! Girls look just as good if not better than the boys going nerdy.
Jennifer Garnier

Katy Perry

Chris Brown taking it to the next level with tape!
So Go head COP U SOME
Smooches CocoJo
 I use the movie theater glasses ^_^

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall/ Winter Shoe Trends

Dear Bloggers,
Part Deux
 Welcome back to the second installement of some of the hottest shoe trends this fall winter season. Enjoy
Oxford and Loafers
Who says women can't wear men clothes? We're taking this masculine style and adding a femine touch, or not, it's all on you 

$395 Chei Mihara at Bergdof Goodman

$650 Ralph Lauren Nordstrom

$48.75 dollhhouse at
Cut Outs
all I have to say is YES! YES! YES! even though, i will admit it looks like they didn't order enough material to make a complete shoe, i still love this!
BeBe/ Kardashian

$1,255.00 Michael Kors

$895 Proenza Schuler

Tory Burch
Hunting Boots
Riding on the coat tailsf the previous Military chic trend we have these hardcore boots, it's a tought girl vibe with some feminine accents.

William Rast
$29 Dolce Vita

Tory Burch

Thank you bloggers. As always its been fun. tune in tomorow for the third installment

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall/Winter Shoe Trends

dear Bloggers,
fall is in full swing and if you have not gone shopping for your seasonal shoes have i got a treat for you! here are some trends we've seen on the runway that will make you look oh so chic this fall! this is pt. 1 stay tuned ; )

Thigh high boots

Jill Stuart

Over-the-knee boots are the must-have footwear for Autumn / Fall 2010. From elegant suedes to futuristic wound-and-bound leathers, the options are many and various.


It doesn't sound like the most glamorous or practical of footwear trends, and yet the clog has reached new heights in 2010. Heeled versions are by far the best, with a preference for Swedish styles.

Kitten heels

Kitten heels are making a somewhat controversial return, spurred on by the trend of '50s and '60s dressing. More comfortable yet less appealing than their higher counterparts, kitten heels can work particularly well when dainty, pointed, and either retro-inspired or minimalist. When it comes to the kitten heel in 2010 it's all about the theming.

 Fur boots

I've seen loads of casual fashion boots with faux fur accents, and even a few dressier styles as well.

Zac Posen

stay tuned for three more trends tomorrow!

style guide: Rihanna

dear Bloggers,

image courtesy of
So i would like to talk about this outfit that I'm in love with!!! Rihanna is totally working the neutral earthy tones for this fall. I was never to excited about her personal style before but since she dyed her hair red I've have loved what she's been wearing! Not many agree but i didn't ask them Xp
I've done some research and compiled my own Rihanna inspired looks from some of my favorite online sites!
Free People $90

free people $56.00
Not To Coy $124.00 at
forever 21 $1.50
JoyRich $52.00

just some cute suggestions. My tip; with an all one color outfit your going to want to add some color so i recommend one of the hot colors of the season, red, but choose any color you want obviously. As far as the hair accessory goes I recommend just making your own hair accessory wit the advice of some of the links here. Its so much more fun and you'll get the exact amount of drama your looking to wear. this was fun.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Dear Bloggers,
so if you have been wondering where I've been, well i have some news to announce!

I've been shifting ideas about what i want in this lifetime after school and I've decided to start my own business! I'm just not the type to work for others. I'm making a skirt line called CoCoJo its all about Sexy, Comfort, and being Fashionable. Look for Bold prints, loud sayings, and the most comfortable soft skirts you'll ever wear!
more info soon, CoCoJo will premiere for Spring 2011

Saturday, July 24, 2010

DRAPES: A Fashion Show

dear blogger,
hey all LTNS. i still don't have a camera but i have resorted to using my phone to taking photos.

On Thursday night i was working on my internship with Imagine Fashions. It was at Lumen club. 839 w Fulton Market. This Location is HOT!!
I have some behind the scenes pics i took on my phone. The Designer was Ashley Drapes. She designs earring. the most eclectic fabulous earring i have scene all at once that aren't ridiculously expensive. Since I was working back stage I don't have Pics of the actual show but i have some pics of the earrings. fr more information about her and what she does go to:

here are some of Ms. Drapes creations
the hair and makeup table
in conclusion, i wanted to say Ashley is a talented young designer with great ideas.smooches,
Coco Jones