Wednesday, October 21, 2009

not just the couture show 09 but the 2010 spring collection broughtme to tears!!! please check it out if you get the chance. you will not regret this display of glamour, show, and class.
OK, so Elie Saab for fall 2009, i may be biased cause she uses one of my favorite colors(CREAM) but i love the collection. even though its kinda Wedding dress chic, i think it is a bridal show. you should check it out if you get the chance it BEAUTIFUL!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

hello minions,

so apparently for london fashion week designer Mark Fast of canada decided to use three "normal sized models" (as in 8-10) this is interesting. i love it actually! in his spring 2010 show he used three of these models. i love it because plus size starts at about 10-12 (usualy 12) and regular working models are around size 0-4 and so what about the in between models? the one that are to small to be plus but to big to be runway? its a beatiful day in deed. All i've seen are ads of people shoving Plus sized models down are throat to make a statement, but personally yeah these girls are pretty but for those of us who aren't planning to gain 30 puonds but don't wanna be rails either a size 6-10 looks very appealing. if i had it my way a size six would be the universal size for a typical working model but thats only if i ruled the world. to bad it would be much more glamorous place,

smooches babies,


Thursday, October 8, 2009

soryy, so sorry.

sorry my fashion minions,
been dealing wit school, but i haven't forgotten you. i recently bought my first pair of UGGS, i used to protest Uggs but if Uggs are wrong, then i don't wanna be right! Lets review fashion week shall we, Any one see Louis Vuitton? those Afros totally distracted me from the clothes, which were beautiful!!!(BTW) the only problem i have is the prints on the fabric, not my cup of tea, if you know about my serious dislike of PLAID!!! DVF however was fantastic!!! i always love her prints (which she is known for) and the green grass runway was the perfect back drop for her blunt shades of yellow black white blue and red.
Oscar De la Renta, what a wonderful Italian taking a Parisian route for spring, my love for France and class has made this show one of my favorites for spring, so classy, so chic!
LETS TALK ABOUT VALENTINO!!! this show was a spectacle for the eyes! draping, draping, draping! o baby. see 4 yourself it was magnificent! and while i did wiosh for a wider array of colors, i'm not complaining!
gtg smooches,