Friday, December 25, 2009

New year, New Begginings

so starting in january i'm going to study fashion marketing and management in a major US city! My dream coming true, i just got my roomate and we are going to be living together for at least one year! i hope she cool. i hvae to move in by january 6th and classes start on the eleventh! i'm so excited

Monday, November 9, 2009

hello babies!
so i'm starting a youtue channel! now you can see me, hear me, adore me! and listen to all my juicy inside opinions on all the fashions! i'll still report on the blog, when there are thing to report.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

not just the couture show 09 but the 2010 spring collection broughtme to tears!!! please check it out if you get the chance. you will not regret this display of glamour, show, and class.
OK, so Elie Saab for fall 2009, i may be biased cause she uses one of my favorite colors(CREAM) but i love the collection. even though its kinda Wedding dress chic, i think it is a bridal show. you should check it out if you get the chance it BEAUTIFUL!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

hello minions,

so apparently for london fashion week designer Mark Fast of canada decided to use three "normal sized models" (as in 8-10) this is interesting. i love it actually! in his spring 2010 show he used three of these models. i love it because plus size starts at about 10-12 (usualy 12) and regular working models are around size 0-4 and so what about the in between models? the one that are to small to be plus but to big to be runway? its a beatiful day in deed. All i've seen are ads of people shoving Plus sized models down are throat to make a statement, but personally yeah these girls are pretty but for those of us who aren't planning to gain 30 puonds but don't wanna be rails either a size 6-10 looks very appealing. if i had it my way a size six would be the universal size for a typical working model but thats only if i ruled the world. to bad it would be much more glamorous place,

smooches babies,


Thursday, October 8, 2009

soryy, so sorry.

sorry my fashion minions,
been dealing wit school, but i haven't forgotten you. i recently bought my first pair of UGGS, i used to protest Uggs but if Uggs are wrong, then i don't wanna be right! Lets review fashion week shall we, Any one see Louis Vuitton? those Afros totally distracted me from the clothes, which were beautiful!!!(BTW) the only problem i have is the prints on the fabric, not my cup of tea, if you know about my serious dislike of PLAID!!! DVF however was fantastic!!! i always love her prints (which she is known for) and the green grass runway was the perfect back drop for her blunt shades of yellow black white blue and red.
Oscar De la Renta, what a wonderful Italian taking a Parisian route for spring, my love for France and class has made this show one of my favorites for spring, so classy, so chic!
LETS TALK ABOUT VALENTINO!!! this show was a spectacle for the eyes! draping, draping, draping! o baby. see 4 yourself it was magnificent! and while i did wiosh for a wider array of colors, i'm not complaining!
gtg smooches,

Saturday, September 12, 2009

dear interested reader,
as you know spring fashion week is in full swing! i when its all over i'll come back with the verdict and juicy hits and misses from one of the best weeks of the year!

Monday, September 7, 2009


dear interested reader,
i would just like to say that if your still getting your fashion advice from magazines like seventeen, cosmogirl, Alloy, girls life, J14,Twist, or Teen magazine, this is no the blog for you.(teen vogue is my exception) but if your ready to step it up a notch and dive into the real world of fashion, take a step on the couture side and read along with me. I'm talking fashion, risk, new york, Parisian style, and art, not safe and easy. just letting you know this isn't for the average so-called fashinista. BTW happy labor day!

jourdan Dunn is pregnant! WTF!

so i just read today from NY MAG, that rising star Jourdan Dunn is 5 months Pregnant, and will not be participating in this years fashion week. WTF! she is still climbing the career ladder, and i was cheering for her the whole way. who knows where her career will go now! its going to be hard for her to get back into the industry after being out for so long. gisselle, she is allowed to get pregnant, Dunn, you haven't reached that status where your allowed to take a break. its too late for this now but if there is any aspiring models out their don't stop till you've reached the top. i just hope this baby thing doesn't ruin her.

Agyness Deyn: fashion icon?

ladies and gentlemen I think not!

for people within the industry and no better, they know who Agnyness is. but for the average Joe off the street you will hear,

"Agyness who?"

my sentiments exactly sir. but according to Anamaria Wilson of Harper's Bazaar , Agyness has earned this title. Of course, I know who Deyn, and am a huge fan. however, i would never go as far as to saying she has reached Icon status. Perhaps I'm overreacting, but i deeply feel that fashion icon should not be thrown around lightly.
love you Agyness but your not an Icon, (yet)

fall trends 2009 PART 2

6.) plaid! Plaid! MORE PLAID!
Plaid, checkered, flannel, i don't care who you are, unless you are a lumberjack or live in the ozarks this look is not for you! this trend is too "trendy" and spending your money on this is not a long term investment. it's been in the past few season but i pray everyday that it will quickly be kicked OUT! there are few exceptitions(none i can think of now) but for the rest of us don't bother with this lumberjack chic!

7.) leopard/cheatah print
hmmm. hard to say this is a trend. (the trendy equivalent was when snake and alligator print were instyle a couple months ago, remember?) In my opinion these prints have been in style for years. to me, you can't go wrong and i think its up there with the old hollywood glamour. i've been seeing it alot more recently. its been growing in popularity the pat few years and i feel it has a few more years to go before it goes back into the corner again. but this is a classic, and you can never go wrong with this print.
8.) sequins/ gold/ Metallics
this trend has subtlely been working its way to trend statis since last spring, and now its moment to shine has finally come with the emerging of the fall season. Personally, i couldn't be any happier! of course this could all be up to someones personal prefference. sequins can be too much to some women and other love the attention. if your a sequin kinda person like me then we hope this trend will never end! and as far as the sudden interest in gold, i canot express my deep lust for this color. i am a person that must always have something gold on.
9.) black and white
classic, can't go wrong, untouched by time. enough said
BLACK AND WHITE: what have you got to loose?
10.) everything else
honestly, I can go on for days about the trends on the runways but for lack of time
*Neon (especially neon pink)
* knee length pencil skirts
*colors reflective of precious stones
*mega belts
*comfort chic
*see through clothing
* ripped/ torn denim
*super thigh high boots or socks
and the list goes on...

fall trends 2009 PART 1

OK, now that I've given my semi- sloppy intro. Lets get down to the knitty-gritty.
Fall Trends:
1.)bold shoulders/ blazers
all i have to say about this trend, is Ew! I'm sorry but if there is one decade in fashion i wish we could never have again is the eighties! unfortunately the eighties are coming back in a big way. however, i do enjoy the I'm wearing my boyfriends jacket and i still look sexy look. Ladies, and gentlemen this trends of the bold, broad, blazers is here to stay for awhile. i can't avoid the eighties Resurrection. it is a statement and I'm sure someone out there can pull it off, somewhere...
2.) red, scarlet, rouge
a few years ago it was all about the red lip. then, having subtle hints of red accessories. Now, Everything else has turned red too. it looks as if the whole matchy, matchy look is a good thing if your sporting the scarlet. i have a bit of a bias against red though. i find red to be a very angry color subliminally making the wearer of red a target to haters.
all over Red: no, stick with subtlety
3.) polka dot and other patterns
did anyone else see Etro? Omg, it was a printed paradise. front the runway to the Ad campaign. if you missed their 3 page ad in Harper's Bazaar, then u have missed out on a thing of beauty. while Etro is known for their remarkable combination of quality fabrics, mixed prints and color combo's (somehow being pulled off) i don't recommend it be worn in the way the magazine ad suggest. to avoid the temptation to take all your prints and pull if off in the Etro way, REFRAIN from mixing prints, choose piece to be bold and be subtle through the rest of the outfit. unless your convinced you can pull it off.
BOLD PRINTS: HELL YES! (in moderation)
4.) Leather jackets and leggings
leather jackets are in and should REMAIN IN! me too you can never go wrong in any fashion situation with a well made tailored leather jackets. but i digress, leather leggings?
Public Service ANNOUNCEMENT: WARNING: leather leggings, never to be worn as a substitute for pants, nor on hot days, with Uggs, or anything else that will soften this hard rock in roll look. just because you can wear them as pants doesn't mean you should. if your going to go as much as to wear these don't try to tone it down! this is not something to be tamed you MUST GO ALL OUT.
needless to say leather leggings will not last long so don't waste your money on this unfortunate trend.
leather jackets: YES!
leather leggings: HELL NO!
5.) single shoulder dresses
i don;t hate this look, but i don't love it either, of all the other looks this one seems to be the least influential and significant. i have yet to see any single shoulder dresses that have knocked me to the floor. i really don't categorize this as a trend but none the less I'm seeing more on the runway for fall so why not?

ok, i admit defeat!

dear interested reader,
hello! my name is Coco jones.
Location: no where special
Age: young
location: student
major: fashion merchadising.
favorite designer: Karl Lagerfield
all maybe explained later.

why am i starting this blog? well, i recently took a trip to Atlanta and we went to the Lenox shopping center. Lenox is considered the Rodeo Drive of Atlanta. I must admit, being where I'm from i was shitting rainbows. Burberry, Coach, Louis Vuitton. they had a suficient amount of designer names to satify my need to induldge in the finer things of life. the feeling i get of beeing in a boutique and touching the equivalent of fabric gold makes me shudder. whos needs sex when you can buy designer handbags and coats? when i said that in my mind i knew then, that i am addicted to style. I'm sure my lack knowledge and unfortunate location will make me seem like an unlikely resource for fashion, but i love it and will try my best to stay up to date on every last trend, model, and anything else work talking about in this ever-growing, ever-lasting, ever-glamorous industry that has captivated me in the most extravagant way.